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Luxury Coffee Cup Collection by DEVIEHL

By Brody Patterson


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DEVIEHL is a London-based company dedicated to creating beautiful, finely-crafted coffee cups, adding an extra dimension of class to your daily cup of joe. Their latest release is the very impressive Arusha collection, which we are about to showcase.

This coffee cup series is a perfect blend of art and technology, resulting is an exquisite object you will be delighted to use every day. Each cup is made using 25 components and employs advanced insulation technology, ensuring the coffee is kept at an optimal temperature for as long as possible. Furthermore, the inner shape of the vessel is designed according to the latest in fluid dynamics research, in order to ensure maximum ‘Crema’ formation. Also worth noting is the fact that these pieces are made using high-quality, albeit unusual materials: exotic woods like Cocobolo and Zebrano, hydrophobic leathers, and even carbon fiber.

The Arusha cups are also veritable works of art: available in 3 distinct designs, each with its own color palette, every cup is hand-drawn and individually decorated. Famed London jewelry designer Gail Klevan is responsible for this part of the creation process – and the effect is simply stunning.

DEVIEHL’s Arusha collection is available at Harrods in London, as well as select luxury retailers around the world.


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