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Boucheron Showcases Travel-Themed Jewelry Collection in Paris

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Boucheron is one of the most prominent names in the world of jewelry-making and a leader in the field for over 150 years. As a celebration of its prestigious history, the maison has used the occasion of the Biennale des Antiquaires (which recently took place in Paris) to present a splendid collection which takes you on an amazing journey through time and space.

The collection is called Rêves d’Ailleurs (Dreams of Elsewhere) and is made up of beautiful precious stones reminiscent of Boucheron’s most famous works, which have been rediscovered and reworked for the modern jewelry aficionado. As its name suggests, the theme of the collection is travel, and features all the exotic, outlandish beauty this association entails.

Boucheron’s Rêves d’Ailleurs comprises five chapters, each with its very own sub-theme: Trésor de Perse (Treasure of Persia), Rives du Japon (Shores of Japan), Splendeurs de Russie (Splendors of Russia), Fleurs des Indes (Flowers of India), and Pinceau de Chine (Chinese Ink Brush). You can see some of these beautiful pieces in the gallery below.

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