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Luxurious Lucca Mansion Is €19M Of Pure Italian Style

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Luxurious Lucca Mansion

Found in the beautiful countryside of Lucca, Italy, this charming 17th century villa can be yours if you happen to have $19M laying around. The historical building actually dates back to the second half of the 16th century and covers 5,000 square meters / 53,820 square feet of luxurious living areas, including 11 lavish bedrooms and 9 bathrooms.

The large park surrounding this extraordinary villa is also part of the offering, with a small lake called “Peschiera” that’s mainly used for fishing, a nymph dedicated to Venus, a citrus grove, and old trees and camellias that will probably impress anyone who glances upon them.

Luxurious Lucca Mansion

Architect Giusti went on to transform this amazing mansion during the 18th century, adding a timeless elegance to the building’s facade, while Filippo Juvarra added his touch to the park, allowing the villa to show off wonderful green spaces.

Sitting on a massive lot of 4.5 hectares, this Lucca Mansion also comes with stables and a farmhouse, apart from the luxurious main villa. The main house covers 4 levels, while the basement features old kitchens, a lounge, reception, secretary, and so on.

The raised ground floor includes a beautiful living room and adjacent rooms, while the first floor houses 8 bedrooms 6 bathrooms and the second floor 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Please note that most of the areas have been restored to their former glory and they look all kinds of amazing!

Luxurious Lucca Mansion


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