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Luxurious Duplex Condo in the Heart of Tribeca for sale

Located on Jay Street, in Tribeca, one of the finest neighborhoods in Manhattan, New York, this duplex condominium is a remarkable home, poised to bring some joy into your life right in the heart of NYC. It consists of three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and measures a whopping 4,200 square foot in total. The ceilings are 24 feet up high and let out a sense of spaciousness.

We’ve found out that the condo has been purchased by Gianluca Berardi, fabled fabric designer, painter and sculptor, for $2.5 million, back in 2002. He wanted to express the calm feeling this residence gives you by comparing it with “two shoe boxes sitting on top of each other.”

Mr. Berardi has spent a stunning $2 million and 18 months of hard work to transform this incredible condo into the piece of art that it is today. The designer has also put it to sale last year for $9 million, but the price has been decreased to $8 million during this year, as the apartment hasn’t yet found a buyer.



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