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Louis Vuitton’s Petite Malle is the World’s Most Stylish iPhone case

By Victor Baker


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Petite Malle iphone case

Some of you might remember that, back in 2014, Louis Vuitton has surprised everyone by unveiling a lovely little bag called Petite Malle, meant to show off the brand’s expertise and amazing experience in the business of trunk making to the entire world.

This cute mini bag was a massive hit from day one and, if you ask us, it’s probably Nicholas Ghesquière’s most ingenious creation since he became the creative director of the renowned French fashion house. But things are about to get even better from now on, as Louis Vuitton has decided to transform Petite Malle into the world’s most stylish.. iPhone case.

Showcased during the French luxury brand’s Spring-Summer 2017 presentation at the Paris Fashion Week, this awesome case appeared on the runway in a variety of colors and prints, such as the brown LV monogram, an all-gold monogram, and both red and blue crocodile leather.

Petite Malle iphone case

A chic carrying strap and a small key ring attachment will allow you to carry your iPhone around just like you would normally carry one of the most sophisticated purses, while also keeping your smartphone safe. Before you get really excited about this LV Petite Malle case, you should know there’s no word on pricing yet, as this beauty won’t be released until spring.

But you should probably expect to see a steep price for this iPhone case, and we’re sure a die-hard fashionista or trend setter would give anything to own one of these. The more difficult question right now is this one: would you buy the mini bag, the case, or go for the overkill and choose both?

Petite Malle iphone case

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