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BMW i8 & i3 Crossfade Editions Turned A Lot of Heads in Paris

By Victor Baker


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BMW i8 & i3 Crossfade Editions

The BMW i8 Crossfade Edition and its i3 sibling are what resulted from the surprising collaboration between Garage Italia Customs and BMW. On display at this year’s Paris Motor Show, these two special vehicles are defined by the geometrical shapes covering their bodies, which form a mesmerizing gradient effect that will surely attract a lot of attention.

Designed as a celebration of BMWi and its hybrid cars, these incredible cars benefit from small dashes of blue and grey – and anything in between – to create that impressive fading effect, that reflects complex mechanisms and the avant-garde technological progress in the automotive world. But let’s take a closer look at every car right now to see what’s in store for us.

BMW i8 & i3 Crossfade Editions

First, the BMW i8 tweaked by Garage Italia shows off an interesting color progression, going from a protonic dark silver up front to a protonic blue in the back, using the car’s aggressive lines as the best canvas ever. The stunning visual effect was also achieved thanks to the triangular geometric shapes in the pattern, while the cabin has been also refined with Foglizzo leather seats, black and protonic blue alcantara and many other bespoke bits and pieces.

The i3 version is similarly appealing, with the color transition going for a vertical approach this time, with protonic blue covering the lower part of the car, while the top is black. If you like what these special versions of the i8 and i3, you shouldn’t get excited too soon, as no official word on cost or production numbers related to the CrossFade edition is out yet. What’s money in the face of exclusivity?

BMW i8 & i3 Crossfade Editions

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