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The Classy Bower & Wilkins P9 Headphones Are A Must Have

By Victor Baker


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Bower & Wilkins P9 Headphones

Bower & Wilkins is a brand always associated with premium audio experiences, something that BMW, Maserati and Volvo owners are probably well aware of. After 50 years of innovation and bespoke audio technology, the acclaimed British company has decided to develop the most luxurious headphones yet, in the form of the beautiful P9 set.

Featuring foldable arms, made from forged aluminium for increased strength and flexibility, as well as comfy ear cushions, made from memory foam for improved sound isolation, these exquisite headphones benefit from custom made 40 mm piston diaphragm speaker drivers that should deliver that crisp audio experience you’ve always craved for.

Bower & Wilkins P9 Headphones

As you’d expect from a luxurious product, fine leather had to be a part of the offering as well. That’s why the Bower & Wilkins P9 headphones come clad in Italian Saffiano leather, crafted using a wonderful stamping technique to achieve a unique cross-hatch finish.

Last, but not least, a case made from Saffiano leather and Alcantara will help audiophiles carry around their Bower & Wilkins P9 marvel, which is already available on the market for $900. We’re purposely ignoring the price-tag, and we’re already imagining how our favorite tunes would sound like with these gorgeous headphones.

Bower & Wilkins P9 Headphones

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