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Limited Edition Handmade Datamancer Victorian Laptop

Now this is what we call a true work of art. The Datamancer Victorian Laptop, manufactured exclusively for the personal use of designer Richard “Datamancer” Nagy, has quite an intriguing history. It started off as a unique prototype, back in 2007, but now it was released in a very limited edition, already sold out right after it was unveiled.

This gorgeous looking piece of technology actually bears influence from an older Steampunk laptop, with up-to-date technology and computing power. It was crafted on a full wooden chassis, which, at a glimpse, resembles an old, Victorian music box. It is now antiquity though, as it packs quite a computing punch – the Datamancer Victorian Laptop is based on an Asus gaming notebook, powered by an Intel I7 2670QM processor, 8GB of DDR3 RAM, a polished-like 17.3 inch Full HD screen able to display resolutions of up to 1920 x 1080 pixels, Super-Multi DVD Drive and a powerful NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M graphic adaptor.

If we come to think of it for a bit, this magnificent artwork is actually a redesigned and modernized Datamancer Steampunk Laptop, with an increased degree of portability – it actually is much slimmer and lighter than most of today’s notebooks. A very attractive feature is the specially designed gold foil map which proudly decorates the machine. In addition, the laptop boasts with physically-engraved lacquered brass keys adorned with precious gems, which light up as LEDs when the contraption is turned on.

An entire list of other possible customizations is also available. Unfortunately, it has gone out of stock for the moment, but, this limited edition will be extended by a few more units, which are going to be available soon for those that would like to pre-order one. The first Datamancer Victorian Laptops that got sold were priced at $6,850 per piece – we’re expecting the next batch to cost exactly that.



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