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Let The Wrensilva Sonos Edition Console Entertain You

By Victor Baker


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Wrensilva Sonos Edition Console

Robbie Williams fans will most likely get the joke first, but let’s move on from that catchy song and focus on the subject at hand. Sonos is a name that is usually associated with high-quality sounds, wi-fi speakers and bespoke home sound systems, and for them to join hands with Wrensilva, another renowned company for audiophiles, that’s not really something we could have ignored.

The result of this unique partnership was called the Wrensilva Sonos Edition Console and it’s something that seems to be the perfect mix of two worlds, past vs future, showing off a striking design and the very best in audio technology. This thing looks like the ideal home for your turntable and vinyl collection, while acting as a wonderful piece of furniture too.

Wrensilva Sonos Edition Console

The breathtaking audio solution before you uses traditional craftsmanship, heirloom quality materials, alongside analog audio, to create a unique user experience, with special user interfaces and cutting-edge Sonos audio streaming capabilities. If you’re looking for that perfect mix of form and function, you’ll get exactly that from this exquisite piece from Wrensilva and Sonos.

Made from North American Walnut and white lacquer for a bold visual impact, this thing boasts space for 120 records below an impressive turntable, while the LED lighted upper wood deck adds a nice finishing touch. The Wrensilva Sonos Edition Console also enables access to online music services, internet radio stations and more. What more can you ask for?

Wrensilva Sonos Edition Console

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