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Lecce’s Risorgimento Resort will charm you with Old World Romance

By Victor Baker


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Risorgimento Resort

Often described as the Florence of Southern Italy, Lecce is a city that’s totally worth a visit, with a unique Adriatic culture and flavor that will make you fall in love with this place forever. Here, the wonderful Risorgimento Resort awaits for you in the heart of the old town, with a charming architecture and probably the best luxury accommodations in town.

Nestled in a historic mansion, filled with the elegance, tradition and romance of the old world Italy, this gorgeous five star retreat has been wrapped in a stylish new atmosphere, teasing guests with a contemporary and chic decor, inspired by Renaissance painters. We’re pretty sure everyone can appreciate the talent and affinity to details that are required to create such an amazing alternate universe.

Risorgimento Resort

Travelers are welcomed to leave the rest of the world behind, for at least a few days, as they enjoy the world class Italian hospitality at Risorgimento Resort. A normal day here could start at the magical Salus per Aquam Spa, while Restaurant Le Quattro Spezierie, Bistrot Dogana Vecchia, Roof Garden Altavilla, or American bar Janet Ross will have your pallets begging for more; it’s going to be pretty difficult to make a choice.

But you could simply take them one by one; there’s no harm in that. Adding to the unique experience here is this incredible town, that feels like a hidden gem for most of the tourists who decide to travel to Italy. Lecce went through a pretty major transformation in these last couple of years, but it still kept its original charm, with numerous shops, hotels, restaurants and art galleries raised to new standards of excellence.

Risorgimento Resort

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