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Dior Homme adds a Touch of Style to This Bogarde BMX

By Victor Baker


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Dior Homme x Bogarde BMX

The brilliant minds and skillful designers from Dior Homme have once again made their valuable contribution to the world clear, this time in a rather surprising way. A special collaboration with French bicycle maker Bogarde has resulted in the Dior Homme x Bogarde BMX, and things are looking pretty sophisticated.

Bogarde is a company known for its minimalist approach to BMX bikes, although premium materials like box calf leather and mirror-finished chrome are usually part of the overall design, which contrasts beautifully with the gritty nature of BMX bicycles.

Dior Homme x Bogarde BMX
But what’s so special about this bike? Well, Bogard went ahead and used its pearlescent frame and sturdy build that we all should appreciate, although this time we get to enjoy premium black leather bearing Dior signature details and bright red accents on the tires and brake lines.

And with only 70 bikes available worldwide, exclusivity is the word of the day. Each unit will cost $3,200, and as you take a closer look at the exclusive images of the Dior Homme x Bogarde BMX – thanks to fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier – you will quickly realize these bikes are totally worth it.

Bogarde’s design philosophy of functional luxury is an incredible example of art meeting real life, and I doubt any of the owners will be putting this bike through some crazy stunts.

Dior Homme x Bogarde BMX

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