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La Brise is the French Villa you’ve always dreamed about

By Victor Baker


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Describing La Brise seems like an impossible task for us right now, because some things in life are better seen live and cannot be defined with just a couple of words. We’ll still give it a try, though. This marvelous property is located in Roquebrune, France, amid incredible surroundings; La Brise being a 2,100 square meters villa that overlooks Cap Martin and Monaco, offering an unforgettable view.

This villa features an Italian-inspired garden with a beautiful swimming pool,  swaying cypress tress, murmuring fountains and cool, tree-lined terraces. It boasts 3 floors among which 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms can be found. And apart from the main house, La Brise also comes with a small cottage that would be ideal for that rebel teenager or noisy guests.

La Brise

If you’re keen on details, you should know that La Brise has two en suite bedrooms with terraces, while the cottage has one. Each of the houses looks refined and elegant, showing off beautiful living rooms, separate kitchens, sun-lit verandas or warm lounges. A rare feature in this select area of Southern Frace is the secured indoor parking, which reminds us of the Transporter and his cozy French property.

I doubt that Jason Statham will be desiring this property, but future buyers should have €3.9 million laying around if they would want to own it. In the end, if there’s anything certain about this villa, it’s this: anyone will easily fall under its spell, not to mention be hopeless in love with the nearby Riviera villages.

La Brise


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