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The Cartier Rotonde de Cartier “Fine Watchmaking” Trilogy Watch

By Victor Baker


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Just a couple of weeks before Christmas, Cartier is making people smile by revealing a limited edition box, which features the brand’s three most emblematic grand complications. Made from mahogany, the ticking treasure chest can be yours for $700,000, and includes a mysterious double tourbillon, a minute repeater tourbillon, and an astrocalendar.

All three exquisite watches have started off from the circular shape of the Rotonde de Cartier, showing off a beautiful vibrant dial finished with deep blue enamel guilloche and I think it’s incredibly obvious that each of these bespoke variations of the Rotonde de Cartier showcase Cartier’s versatility and amazing craftsmanship.

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The Mysterious Double Tourbillon Calibre 9454 MC watch features the magical mysterious hours complication, a signature movement from Cartier, which was made famous by the mystery clocks developed by the brand years ago. This movement was updated in 2013 to feature a double tourbillon, an update which adds movement to the watch, rotating on itself every minute and performing a complete revolution every 5 minutes.

Next, the Minute Repeater Flying Tourbillon Calibre 9402 MC watch comes with a minute repeater and a flying tourbillon, two of the most popular complications right now into one timepiece. The hammers and gongs are showcased at 6 o’clock and even produce a lovely melody.

The last piece in this amazing Fine Watchmaking trilogy is the Rotonde de Cartier Astrocalendaire, which features a tourbillon and a stunning perpetual calendar with a circular display, that’s one of a kind. Arranged in concentric tiers, the discs of the perpetual calendar add depth to the watch, in a gorgeous three dimensional display.

Are these three gorgeous watches worth $700,000 !? You decide…

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