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Designed To Play Underwater: the Deepflight Dragon

By Victor Baker


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Deepflight Dragon

Deepflight has been with us since 1996, when it was founded by ocean engineer Graham Hawkes. By working alongside a group of seasoned designers and engineers, Mr. Hawkes managed to develop a new type of personal underwater way of transportation, a submersible toy that might be perfect for yacht owners.

Called the Deepflight Dragon, this amazing mini-submarine is actually a mix between a high performance aircraft and a submersible, looking like every kid’s dream. The Dragon can be easily operated with minimal training, as the high technology inside monitors and manages critical functions, while the submersible features a fixed positive buoyancy which means it will always float back to the surface no matter what.

Deepflight Dragon

The Dragon will provide the pilot complete and unlimited freedom to cruise alongside deep coral reefs and hover over ancient shipwrecks. And if you happen to stumble upon a treasure with this amazing submersible, it’s definitely worth every single penny.

Powering up this unique vehicle are four electric thrusters and an underwater lithium battery pack, that will allow you to have fun underwater for up to six hours. Weighing in at 1800 kilograms and measuring just five meters in length, the Deepflight Dragon will easily fit on most yachts, with almost no retrofit required. So, who wants to be first?

Deepflight Dragon


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