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Traditional Chinese Architecture meets Luxury At Fuchun Resort

By Victor Baker


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Fuchun Resort

Hidden in the beautiful Zhejiang Province of China and perched on the banks of the Fuchun River, the Fuchun Resort offers a unique way to experience inner peace and refinement. The resort boasts a mixture of chic, modern style and luxury, contained within an amazing setting which oozes traditional Chinese architecture.

Set in the middle of a sparkling countryside landscape, the Fuchun Resort offers guests a glimpse of relaxation and release in nature. But you shouldn’t worry, as there are plenty of fun things to do here, such as golfing on a championship course, walking through a tea plantation, playing tennis or doing yoga and tai chi.

Fuchun Resort

A cup of tea sounds delicious, but what about the Asian fusion cuisine of Club 8? I can’t even imagine the effect it will have on your taste buds. Next, feel free to spend your time at the Lake Lounge and Aqua Lounge, or simply book an afternoon in Fuchun Spa where the staff will pamper you in a grand way, with organic botanical preparations and an incredible atmosphere.

The Fuchun Resort will not allow you to wander away from your Zen-like mood, especially once you consider the verdant lakes, the luxurious hotel amenities and the views that could literally take your breath away. You will feel completely relaxed here: body, mind, and spirit.

Fuchun Resort

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