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Kyron Audio Teams Up With Brabham For an Extraordinary Sound System

Kyron Audio Brabham 1

Based in Sydney, Australia, Kyron Audio designs and manufactures some of the world’s best amplifiers and loudspeaker systems. A company dedicated to extreme fidelity reproduction of sounds, Kyron recently partnered up with Brabham Automotive to create a spectacular audio system inspired by Brabham’s all new BT62R road-going supercar.

This partnership is just the start of a fruitful collaboration between these two brands, that will have the Australian sound masters designing many other exclusive audio products for future Brabham supercars. The Brabham BT62R is only the first road vehicle produced by the iconic Anglo-Australian marque, since it started manufacturing cars back in 1962. 

Kyron Audio Brabham 2

Combining excellent vehicle dynamics, with raw power and superior creature comforts, the BT62R is powered by a massive 5.4-liter, quad-cam, naturally aspirated V8 engine, that boasts 700 horsepower and 492 lb-ft of torque, with all that power going through a six-speed Holinger sequential transmission.

The BT62R also comes with a revised suspension, a brand new exhaust system and a special vehicle lift kit that makes it perfect for road use. It might not be exactly as incredible as the Brabham BT62 racecar, but the best thing about the BT62R is that you can drive it on the road.

Kyron Audio Brabham 3

This mind blowing supercar will be available in two stunning Signature and Celebration liveries, and if you like the roaring sound of its dry-sumped V8 engine, why not get a matching speaker system for your home from Kyron Audio? 

Kyron will design this extraordinary sound system to look just like your BT62R, with an advanced audio processor that transmits frequencies via the loudspeakers precisely to the listeners, resulting in a powerful three dimensional sound with amazing clarity. 

Kyron Audio Brabham 4

Kyron Audio’s range topping Phoenix system comes with 8 x 700 Watt amplifiers and 2 x 1,500 Watt woofers, producing a hair-rising sound that’s only matched by having the artists right in your home, performing live.

The sound system inspired by the Brabham BT62R features three beautifully designed loudspeakers and it’s priced at a cool $250,000 or $349,000 in AUD.

Kyron Audio Brabham 7


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