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Jaw Dropping Malibu House Featuring an Airplane Chandelier

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Malibu house

Currently under construction in one of the most exclusive areas of Malibu, this dream home is beyond everything else you’ve ever seen. It even includes a section of a vintage warplane placed above its massive 120-foot-long living room, why should explain – in theory – why it comes with a $60 million price-tag.

The 2½-acre site where this one of a kind home is located, used to house a well-known local landmark: a mock-Scottish castle with arched gates and a tower. But back in 2007, the castle burned down and soon neighbors will be able to admire this impressive property.

The contemporary home is set for completion for the summer of 2016, complete with 10,300 square foot of luxurious living space and five bedrooms, plus many other awesome amenities. Perched on a bluff with ocean views, the house will be sold fully furnished, with the owner only having to move in.

Malibu house

The living room where this airplane will be located will be roughly 120 feet long, with the completely restored airplane being put up on display. Scott Gillen, the architect of this amazing property, has displayed many other vintage toys in his homes before, like motorcycles and cars, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he’s latest project involves the fuselage of a vintage plane as the cherry on top.

But there are many other things to say about this property, like the fact that it also includes a gym, a game room, a wine room and a special cigar room with ventilation and humidification systems. It’s well worth mentioning that the gated estate will also feature a pool, a spacious 4,700-square-foot guesthouse and a motor court with a valet stand.

Malibu house


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