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Jackie Chan’s $42,000 Foil Skis are not Really Suitable for Stunts

By Victor Baker


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Jackie Chan Foil Skis

There’s no reason to debate Jackie Chan‘s physical abilities, unique sense of humor or masterful skills in the world of Martial Arts – we all know the man rules all. Some of you might also know that he usually does his own stunts in any of his movies, but I doubt these skis are worth ruining to do so.

The Foil Skis were not designed for action and adventure, movies and martial arts, although the international movie star enjoys skiing. This ultra-luxurious set of skis were meant to honor the renowned actor, made from a special Amaranto wood, that’s water resistant and gets a purple shade when it’s exposed to sunlight.

You might have also noticed that the Oro-Amaranto Jackie Chan Skis also feature bindings plated with 14k gold, and that’s why the asking price is a ridiculous $42,000!

Jackie Chan Foil Skis

Developed to meet Jackie Chan’s exact skiing preferences and his abilities, this set is part of a very limited series, that will be available only for a short time. But if you’d like something even more exclusive and expensive than this pair, you could always opt for another Foil Skis offering – the Oro-Nero skis for example, made from 8,000-year-old Bog Oak and priced at a staggering $50,000.

For that kind of money you won’t be needing any snow; you could just turn them into the focal piece of your new fun room.

Jackie Chan Foil Skis

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