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It Sounds Like The Astell & Kern Limited-Edition AK380 Is Perfect

By Victor Baker


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Astell & Kern Limited-Edition AK380

High-end audio makers at Astell & Kern have recently introduced a gorgeous limited edition stainless steel player, meant to make audiophiles everywhere jump with excitement. The company’s flagship audio player and portable amplifier are now dressed to impress, and only 200 units of this special device will be up for the grabs, priced at a cool £4,800 ($5,986) each.

Astell & Kern’s AK380 is considered the best player on the market right now, combining the world leading acoustic engineering with a ravishing industrial design. I mean, this beautiful thing was milled from a single solid block of stainless steel, and packs a matching slide-on headphone amplifier and a lovely Van Nuys carry case. Enough said!

Astell & Kern Limited-Edition AK380

This incredible Stainless Steel Package is built to resist any and all conditions, but I doubt any of you would take this pricey audio player swimming. Moreover, potential customers could always go for the desktop dock as well, and the bit-perfect CD ripper and recorder, released by Astell & Kern, of course.

Oh, let’s not forget about the player’s technical info – dual 32-bit DACs, advanced jitter reduction, 256GB of built-in memory, not to mention Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. That should be more than enough to get audiophiles really excited and impressed even more when they’re going to listen to their favorite tunes.

Astell & Kern Limited-Edition AK380

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