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Introducing The Romain Gauthier Enraged Limited Editions

By Victor Baker


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Romain Gauthier Enraged

The renowned Swiss watchmaker Romain Gauthier has planned to impress us all with two gorgeous limited edition watches, dubbed as Logical One Enraged and Prestige HMS Enraged. Produced in a very limited run, both of these timepieces are well worth the attention, as well as your hard-earned cash, with an alluring blacked-out look that will surely turn a lot of heads.

Logical One is the watchmaker’s award-winning creation, featuring the brand’s in-house movement, a stunning visible dial and a 46-hour power reserve indicator on the back. Prestige HMS, on the other hand, shows off a partly open dial, with the in-house Caliber 2206 HMS making everything tick. Technically similar, the two watches are set apart by different choices in styling.

Romain Gauthier Enraged

Both of these timepieces feature a lightweight Grade 5 titanium case, treated with matte black ADLC, an eye-catching finish that’s clearly seductive, but there’s more to the story than that. The displays have been also darkened and matte-finished, while the Enraged limited editions feature dark accents, red accents or orange accents, with each version limited to just five pieces.

According to Romain Gauthier, these exquisite creations are ‘quite a brutal expression of self-affirmation’, and we tend to agree. So, have you decided which one do you like best?

Romain Gauthier Enraged

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