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Oriental Dreams Come True at Banyan Tree Huangshan

By Victor Baker


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Banyan Tree Huangshan

Sitting in a peaceful Chinese countryside setting, Banyan Tree Huangshan invites you to live out your dreams and experience a unique oriental lifestyle and culture in the best way possible. From this lavish five star hotel, you would be able to explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hongchun, that’s merely five minutes away, that’s why this location is of great spiritual importance.

Mount Huangshan has inspired countless generations to create wonderful poetry and paintings, and now seems to complement this gorgeous hotel with its natural beauty and surroundings. Each sunrise here is truly unique, since a magnificent phenomenon called “Buddha’s Light” overwhelms your senses and imagination as the morning’s first rays peer from behind the mountain.

Banyan Tree Huangshan

This breathtaking hotel is actually the latest installment in Banyan Tree’s eclectic Chinese portfolio, nestled in an area with rich Hui culture that’s bound to attract as much attention as it deserves. The tasteful and elegant decor of this wonderful retreat is well-appreciated, with the 76 guest accommodations only adding to the overall goodness.

Ranging from the Lucun Suite to the blissful Two Bedroom Lucun Villa, guests may enjoy the hotel’s amazing amenities in complete luxury and style, forgetting about all their worries in this peaceful location. Ming Yue is the name to remember if you expect to enjoy fine dining, and no matter what you choose, the freshest local ingredients will surely help you keep energized. Have you booked your flight already?

Banyan Tree Huangshan

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