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Introducing the Dior à Versailles Pièces Secrètes Collection

Dior à Versailles Pièces Secrètes

Dior has decided to kick off the new year in style, unveiling a new high jewelry collection a few days ago at the 2018 Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris. Called Dior à Versailles Pièces Secrètes, this stunning haute joaillerie collection is a cool tribute to the French art de vivre and the secret parts of the Château de Versailles.

Yes, there are many secret passages, hidden boudoirs and many other unseen spots of the famed château, that have inspired the stories behind these beautiful pieces. Precious rotating stones, hidden drawers and miniature chests hide iconic symbols such as the sun, the clover, as well as the bow and the heart.

Dior à Versailles Pièces Secrètes

The collection includes delicate necklaces in white or pink gold, decorated with precious diamonds or rubies, and superb rings that have been imagined as mechanical surprises, thanks to a diamond that pivots on its axis to reveal a stone beneath a stone. We all love surprises, and none can refuse something like that.

Honoring history is a good thing to have in mind when designing a new high jewelry collection, and the passion that was involved in designing this chateau, with all its unseen corners, is also worth a celebration. Dior à Versailles Pièces Secrètes Collection will do that in the most beautiful way possible.

Dior à Versailles Pièces Secrètes

The expertise behind the 'Dior à Versailles, pièces secrètes' Collection

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