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Introducing Marc Newson’s Louis Vuitton Horizon Collection

Louis Vuitton Horizon Marc Newson

One of the most influential industrial designers of his generation, Marc Newson has recently joined forces with Louis Vuitton for a new exciting project. Called Horizon, this fresh collection of rolling suitcases was specially designed to suit the 21st-century traveler.

The 4-wheeled check-in and cabin-size luggage shows off impressive interior capacity and lightness, not to mention an appealing LV deisgn. Horizon is actually the first four-wheeled case with a completely flat back shell, which means extra strength and even more interior packing space, but it also comes with many other interesting details.

The transversal side hinge has been built-in within the structure, the corners were covered in natural cowhide leather, and the handles also received this treatment, adding to the comfort and style of these travel suitcases.

Louis Vuitton Horizon Marc Newson

Rigorously designed and engineered, the Horizon collection is one of the lightest offerings on the market right now, proving that big smiles can fit into small and cool packages. It might be the perfect piece of luggage, and every modern traveler should turn their head towards Louis Vuitton right now.

Most of us don’t even think about being stylish or cool when we’re on vacation, but if all of that comes with little to no effort on your part, why not?! Feel free to thank Marc Newson for his role in making this collection happen. The question is.. where are you traveling next?

Louis Vuitton Horizon Marc Newson


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