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Hublot Morphosis Watch Winder Safe By Döttling

By Adrian Prisca


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Luxury safe manufacturer Döttling (or Doettling) teamed up with the renowned watch maker Hublot to create the incredible Hublot Morphosis Watch Winder Safe, one of the most incredible watch winders in the world right now. The safe weighs at around 180 kilograms, boasting a cylindrical shape with an inner tube which turns within an outer shell.

It sports two sets of winders, which can hold up 21 watches per panel, a total of 42 timepieces. There is also a press release after the release of the safe, which states “Once the owner has entered the correct PIN, the inner tube turns for 90 degrees and shows the first panel of 21 watches. After pushing the turn button, it turns for another 180 degrees and shows the second panel of 21 watch winders.” The statement perfectly describes how the mechanism works.

In terms of looks and materials, the winder is made of steel, encased in lacquered semi-matt Hublot black panels. Carbon fiber covers the outer shelf, the panels and the base plate, for increased security and lightness, although there’s another version available in rubber. To remind the owner that the contraption bears the Hublot name, huge “H”-shaped screws have been used.

Furthermore, in case your collection of timepieces is not that vast, you may ask the manufacturers to place drawers for your jewelry instead of winders. This exquisite watch winder also comes with an integrated music system in the form of an iPad dock, through which one can control the safe’s functions plus the lock/unlock mechanisms.

They can be accessed via Wi-Fi, or a custom application that your iPad uses to communicate with the watch winder. With the help of the app, the owner can control the boost mode – speed winding mode, can pause the movement, can set it on sleep mode, can adjust the number of turns per day or the direction in which the winder moves, be it right, left or reverse. In addition, it can be connected to your home’s security system, a perfect idea in case you’re the guy that has other stuff to concentrate on.

Overall, this contraption makes a great element du décor and a safety mechanism. There is also a 500-kilogram version available, which provides improved security. The prices for these marvelous watch winder safes start at $206,000 and rise.


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