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High-end Sennheiser Momentum Black headphones

By Adrian Prisca


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In case you’re looking for a high end set of headphones, here’s a really good choice, the brand new Sennheiser Momentum Black Headphones. This gorgeously looking pair of headphones boasts with the ability to deliver the best sound performance while also being able to catch the corner of your eye.

The latest addition to the fabled Sennheiser Style Selection, the set reportedly delivers “a perfect fusion of style and substance” and was officially unveiled at the CES 2013 alongside the display of the 1991  Orpheus HE90 headphones, one of the most renowned models of all time.

Of course, the Momentum Black aren’t designed for your average Joe, but for those who expect and want the best in sound and looks. They encompass top notch technology originating from the famous German manufacturer itself, Sennheiser, and were crafted from exquisite materials like premium brushed steel and tough breathable genuine leather.

Furthermore, they were also fitted with a high performance transducer system and circumaural capsules that reduce the levels of foreign noise. They also include a 3.5 mm stereo jack and nominal impedance reduced for mobile players, alongside an additional cable with integrated smart remote and microphone, for the easiest possible management of calls, tracks or whatever the user wants.

The Sennheiser Momentum Black Headphones cost $350 a pair, unlike their 1991 predecessors which used to be purchasable at a whopping $12,900.


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