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The new Romain Gauthier ‘Logical One’ Watch

By Adrian Prisca


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One of the latest achievements in the field of time measuring is the extraordinary Logical One, an upgraded version of one of the oldest and most utilized constant force mechanisms, under the signature of watchmaker Romain Gauthier.

This exquisite timepiece features Gauthier’s own ruby chain-and-snail constant force, a stunningly beautiful mechanical system with ruby links, instead of the previous chain-and-fusee, alongside a barrel with sapphire inserts and push button winding.

Venturing into the history and the technique of the movement, we’re able to find out that Manufacture Romain Gauthier is responsible for every process that has lead to its creation, from development and design to assembly and regulations. Above all, the concept of constant force is not that great a secret in the world of watchmaking, as it is constantly developed and challenged by such dabs.

Well, Gauthier has gone beyond the conventional regarding this mechanism. The maker has replaced the fusee with a slowly rotating snail cam, visibly located at the 10 o’clock position, to the left of the minutes/hours dial. The mainspring barrel and the snail cam are placed on the same level because the force is permanently transmitted in a straight line, while the links can be significantly larger and stronger due to the need of just a short line of chain.

As for the setting and winding, we’ve learned that the pusher has been mounted within the left caseband, bestowing the timepiece with new, gorgeous looks. This design also provides increased robustness, way above what the traditional crown and stems are able to deliver. In order to set the time, the wearer needs to operate the almost invisible crown, with sapphire cabochon, found at 2 o’clock. At last, what is also interesting to see is the way the double-angle bevels with sharp internal angles provide the watch with a border effect.

Among the figure-related features, the timepiece boasts a 60-hour power reserve and a 43 mm x 14.2 mm case. The Romain Gauthier Logical One wristwatch is an exquisite limited edition piece, available in platinum or red gold, with a price that hasn’t yet been determined – we’re pretty anxious to find that out!


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