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Health Hall is Britain’s most expensive home at £100 million

By Adrian Prisca


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Heath Hall is one of the most acclaimed residential properties in the entire Great Britain. It was completed more than a century ago, in 1910, for the sugar tycoon William Park Lyle, a rich individual of the renowned Tate & Lyle family.

The mansion can be found on the Bishops Avenue in Hampstead and everything tied to it is whopping expensive – for example, the stamp duty will draw you a respectable £7 million, while the brochure alone costs £2,000. Furthermore, the exclusivity doesn’t stop here: agents from Glentree Estates will put potential buyers through extensive verification procedures.

The fabled estate was purchased in 2006 by Andreas Panayiotou and has undergone a complete renovation process, for which Mr. Panayiotou paid £40 million. The property covers a 2.5-acre surface, decked with superb amenities and superbly trimmed gardens. It features a drawing room, dining room, family room, sun room, billiard and snooker room, 6 reception rooms and 14 bedrooms suites.

The home also includes a panic room with toilet, basin, separate telephone wires and control panel, for the residents to be protected in case of danger. Furthermore, marble basins, carefully cut by hand, and genuine Italian carpentry are just two of the plethora of luxury features of this magnificent estate.

All the sheer luxury and exquisiteness it comprises does come at a high price though – a mind-boggling £100 million, making it the most expensive home in the entire Great Britain.


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