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Linde Werdelin Oktopus II Double Date Titanium Blue

By Adrian Prisca


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Since our launch, we haven’t featured Linde Werdelin at all. It’s time to change that and present the Oktopus II Double Date Titanium Blue wristwatch by, you guessed it, Linde Werdelin. This stunning watch features a double layered dial which was laser cut in stencil technique to resemble an octopus, on the top layer, with a Côtes de Genève finish that represents water ripples on the lower layer.

The top layer, besides the octopus drawing, displays the big calendar wheels at eleven and 1 o’clock, the Linde Werdelin logo, as well as indexes at three, six and nine o’clock, in SuperLuminova. In addition, the back case was also engraved with a drawing crated by Morten Linde representing an octopus – this feature actually reminds of the Oktopus Tattoo, an earlier series of timepieces. And the octopus figures aren’t over yet, as the robust crown, placed at 3 o’clock, sports a similar symbol as well.

In terms of mechanics, the Oktopus II Double Date Titanium Blue boasts with an upscale three hand big date movement, caliber 14580, custom made in collaboration with Dubois Depraz (experienced Swiss movement manufacturer specialized on calendar wheels) and placed in a central movement room especially built for maximum resistance against water and four additional case parts linked together with 16 screws – laminated tension discs, to be precise.

Eight of them tie the fixed bezel to the case, while the other 8 can be found inside the back case. As for the case parts we mentioned earlier, four of them, they are built independently from the chamber of the movement, being placed at three, six, nine and twelve o’clock. Their roles are to carry the attachable instrument as well as to hold the strap.

This complicated design is based on an air-tight pressure chamber commonly used in Linde Werdelin’s laboratory for diving simulations and testing. The timepiece also boasts with a satin finished and microbillé surface to reflect any unwanted shadows or light. Furthermore, in order to counteract the corrosive effect of sea water, the case was crafted from precious metals like gold and titanium, plus a considerable deal of ceramics.

This magnificent, gorgeous looking timepiece is going to be available worldwide during this year’s autumn season. It is in fact a limited edition, due to be manufactured in a total of 88 units, each one priced at 10,560 Swiss Francs.


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