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Have A Taste Of Fashion At Burberry’s Own Scarf Bar

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Burberry Scarf Bar

British brand Burberry is constantly keeping things fresh, not to mention elegant. In an effort to reinvent itself, the luxury label is embracing some interesting and colorful changes this fall. And part of the Burberry scarves celebration is the new Burberry Scarf Bar, available both in-store and online, which will offer a range of lightweight and classic cashmere scarves.

Clients will be able to enjoy the brand’s iconic heritage shades such as camel, stone, charcoal, navy and parade red and pick exactly the shades they truly like. The scarves from Burberry are exemplary pieces of craftsmanship, as you no doubt have expected, weaved in a 200-year old mill in Elgin and another mill in Ayr, both in Scotland.

Burberry Scarf Bar

The new Burberry scarf collection features over 30 colors, with the company also offering a customization service for its customers. This is where a server will help clients navigate through the site, keeping in mind their location and even the weather and their personal choices. Burberry scarves may also be monogrammed, mind you, with up to three letters and two fonts sized awaiting your choice.

The Autumn/Winter 2015 collection also brings an updated Burberry Poncho range, including classic checks, prints and block colors. Another first within the Burberry universe are two new colors, part of the trench coat line. The Heritage Trench Coat Collection will now feature navy and parade red, in addition to its honey, stone, and black palettes we all know and love.

Burberry Scarf Bar

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