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The HYT H2 Aviator Is Ready For Flight

By Victor Baker


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HYT H2 Aviator

The pioneers of the unique “mechanical fluid time display”, HYT Watches have decided to impress us once again, with the 6th iteration of their gorgeous H2 model, that was first unveiled back in 2012.

The new twit is called HYT H2 Aviator and it’s obviously based on the classic H2, with a fully open worked movement and the typical V-shaped bellows that everyone loves. Designed in collaboration with Audemars Piguet & Renaud Papi, this brand new version is not really a “pilot’s watch”, but it’s actually an uber cool timepiece that’s perfect for aviation lovers.

HYT H2 Aviator

The H2 Aviator is massive, sitting at 48.8 mm, with its case made of black DLC titanium and the strap crafted out of Kevlar. The watch was designed with flight instruments and maximum legibility in mind, which should explain for the redrawn path and enlarged quarter hour indexes.

There’s no denying it, the striking overall look of this watch makes it incredible, as well as desirable. However, you should know that the HYT H2 Aviator is a limited edition of 40 pieces, available from October 2015. You’d better keep an eye on this one.

HYT H2 Aviator

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