Handcrafted Leather wallets and sterling silver cufflinks

We’ve previously featured some exquisite limited edition cufflinks signed TMB Art Metal handcrafted from airplane and vintage car parts. This time, the British design brand GTO London has come up with a collection of handcrafted wallets and sterling silver cufflinks bearing the Ferrari 250 GTO style and signature.

Designed to please the most discerning Ferrari fans, these state of the art, luxury accessories quietly contemplate the designs and elegant interiors of the stunning vintage automobiles. The wallets for example are uniquely personalized with supple stitching and genuine Italian leather similar to the GT cars of the 50s, 60s and 70s, carefully restored by the parenting GTO Engineering brand, experienced Ferrari specialists.

Provided with non-restricted access towards fabrics, metals and molds, GTO London has also manufactured a limited edition series of cufflinks, reminiscent of the classic Ferrari GTOs.

The prices of the limited edition series of Ferrari 250 GTO handcrafted leather wallets start at $300 per piece and climb, like the $315 Natural Quilted Leather 250 Ferrari GTO Wallet, the $400 Tan Leather Dino Ferrari Wallet or the $300 Black Leather Dino Ferrari Wallet.

As for the cufflinks, they start at $360 per set. The series includes the Sterling Pneumatico Tire Tread Cufflinks, the Sterling Accensione Ignition Cufflinks, the Sterling Carburatore Trumpet Cufflinks, the Sterling Silver & Black Rhodium 80’s Shift Gate Cufflinks and many more.

[CuffLinks via BornRich]