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The ATS SPORT 1000 sports car gets detailed

By Adrian Prisca


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We’re pleased to announce the comeback of one of the all time Italian high performance motor brands, ATS. They have recently released a few details of their current project, the ATS Sport 1000.

The model focuses on resurrecting the racing car styles of the 1960s, boasting with a stainless steel chassis paneled in aluminum and weighing around 55 kg (121 lbs). The body, crafted from GRP, is entirely removable and weighs just 57 kg (125 lbs). The lightweight construction of this 4-wheeler allows it to tip the scales at just 400 kg (882 lbs).

According to ATS, this vehicle can be powered by any motorcycle engine from Suzuki, Yamaha or Honda, or even in-line 4-cylinder ones. The Sport 1000 uses a chain drive transmission to distribute the muscle towards the wheels, as well as a Quaife ATB limited slip differential. In addition, ATS have mounted a double wishbone suspension with entirely adjustable shock absorbers, alongside rear and front anti-roll bars.

The automotive manufacturer has also thought of the driver’s safety by fitting the Sport 1000 with a collapsible steering column, a front Honeycomb crash box, a 50 mm rollbar, aluminum tank with “explosafe” and 6-point Sparco seatbelts.

Happily for enthusiasts, the ATS Sport 1000 is currently available for purchase at €25,000. Check out the ATS website for a more thorough introspection.


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