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Gorgeous Trinity Hammocks

By Brian Pho


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It’s summer, the season of heat and bikinis, the season of holidays and relaxation. And speaking of relaxation, we’ve spotted these gorgeous Trinity Hammocks, a triple set of hammocks to spend some lazy moments right alongside your beloved.

Having been conceived to aid the North-Thailand tribe of Malbrii, in their search for new lifestyles – “Making these quality hammocks has brought them financial independence within the home village and makes prior alternatives such as tough field work or sweatshop labor unnecessary.”

These babies aren’t just nice to look out, but also of extremely high quality and comfort. Waterproof, quilted or woven carefully by hand, they are ensuring their future owners with long periods of usage and pleasure, with no regard on the placement or conditions. They can also be purchased separately, if loners are about, but it’s a pretty pity not to take the lot three.


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