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Savelli presents Android smartphones for women

By Brian Pho


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The constant competition between the mild and broad genders has brought us fantastic gadgetry and wonderfully innovative accessories. But, if I’m honest, it’s not stiff competition, it’s actually based on ambition and the will to accomplish unimaginably high-quality stuffs. Savelli is one of the brand’s to typically show us some intelligence, with girls in mind. The brand has recently unveiled, on the occasion of the haute couture show in Paris, a series of 11 limited edition luxury smartphones.

The Swiss firm has bestowed these gorgeous gadgets with all sorts of fantastic names like Diamond Night or Ardent Red. No wonder they come with such names, as they are garnished with exotic materials like black alligator leather, ceramics, precious gems, gold, iguana leather or blue ostrich. The owner of Savelli describes: “When we designed it we knew what we want. We wanted to create a form of cell phones, which is feminine, curvaceous, yet extremely modern.” During manufacture, Savelli has covered the screen with special glass normally used in the preparation of top watches, in order to achieve such shapes. The gadgets are also provided with a specific song for the series, composed by French DJ and producer Stéphane Pompougnac.

The Jardin Secret linkage of these smartphones is quite obvious and documented, as for the hardware, there\s a veil of mist in the air. We only know they are Android smartphones and that’s pretty much it. In fact, the hardware specifications might mirror the costs of these phones, which, in essence, are quite exorbitant. The cheapest of the series can be yours at $9,000, while the most expensive of the lot, the so-called Black Insane, which is garnished with 75 diamonds, sports a price tag of $118,000.


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