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Gold-plated and silvered chess sets by Piero Benzoni

By Brian Pho


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We’ve got some pure pieces of heaven here for the enthusiastic chess players of the world. Piero Benzoni presents the exclusive and exquisite Historic and Artistic Collection. The collection comprises an array of luxury chessmen chess pieces which were crafted from gold- and silver-plated solid bronze.

All of the pieces were signed by the sculptor, as his expertise extends to both the art of skillful metal casting and to the history of the game. The superbly-manufactured silver- and 24-carat-gold-plated chessmen and chess pieces are exclusive parts of this wonderful collection. They are in fact themed on historical facts, like the English cavalry, Samurai and Napoleon Bonaparte.

The chess sets are acquirable either as complete sets or individual pieces, chess tables or chessboards. The prices range between $8,000 and more than $20,000 per set.


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