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TAG Heuer Carrera MikroPendulum and MikroPendulum S

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Having brought forth the MikroTourbillon S as a concept wristwatch during last year, TAG Heuer specialists have now come up with the Mikropendulum timepiece to entice enthusiasts on the occasion of the Baselworld 2013.

This watch was realised by the co-work of 25 scientists, all forming a team of highly trained craftsmen, engineers, designers and scientists, all belonging to the TAG Heuer Haute Horlogerie workshop. It has taken the brand almost a whopping decade of painstaking work to put together the magnificent tourbillion movement that powers the watch, the first ever double magnetic tourbillion movement in the world.

In fact, the fastest and most accurate tourbillion watch ever made was the Carrera MikroPendulum timepiece, finished in 2012 – a conceptual wristwatch working in dual frequency and boasting double chains, double barrels and a double tourbillion chronograph. Furthermore, the Carrera MikroPendulum nomination was derived from the core movement, the first ever based on a magnetic pendulum instead of traditional hairspring designs, which has been setting the trend for over three centuries of exquisite watchmaking.

The innovative system, which was COSC-certified accordingly, drastically reduces the effect of gravity on the hairspring movement, therefore increasing the level of accuracy of timekeeping. However, by adding the magnetic pendulum, the loss of amplitude is precisely dealt with.

The upcoming problems were then related to thermal conditions, as the materials and metals used in the manufacture of the core movement of the watch behaved distinctively in different weather conditions. Therefore, the specialist team of TAG Heuer has had to work its best on putting together the best possible combo of materials and metals – and this is how the MikroPendulum S came out.

Enough for the movement now, so let’s do a short check out of the case of the MikroPendulum S. In this case, it’s sandblasted and measures 45 mm in width. It also comes crafted from chrome and cobalt alloy, and covered with a double anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The dial has half of it covered by a grey anthracite brush finished plate above the rose gold bridges of the dual pendulum movement.

In addition, this exquisite piece comes with a 100th of a second tracking meter, power reserve counter, minute tracker and seconds counter. Extensive quantities of 18-carat rose gold have been used for the counters, alongside the bridges as well as the hand. The strapping is something special all by itself, in gray anthracite alligator leather, stitched by hand.


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