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Glamping For Glampers Is The Best Way Of Experiencing Camping

By Victor Baker


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Glamping for Glampers

I loved camping as a kid, but I have to admit that glamping is the way to go right now. If you’re looking for a glamorous holiday experience, a South Korean company called Archiworkshop will allow you to enjoy just that by opting out for their latest luxury tent series, called Glamping for Glampers. It provides a stunning, eco-friendly tent design, like nothing else you’ve ever seen.

These beautiful tents were first set up on a camp-site in remote Yang-Pyeong, Korea, to show off their unique features and here we can take a peak. They are waterproof, fire-resistant and UV-proof, making them safe and ideal for the great outdoors, no matter if you’re going solo on vacation, or with your family, small children, or friends.

Glamping for Glampers

The Glamping for Glampers tents will come in two shapes and sizes. The long, curved tent is more suitable for rough terrain, while the circular-shaped version was meant to be cozy and comfortable, as it comes complete with a patio set-up as well. Please note that these tents feature a modern white interior, custom-made furniture and wall murals painted by local artists.

Sure, these are the first tent to have art on the inside, although the exterior isn’t far from that definition, either. Once you get the idea of a tent out of your head, you’ll feel way more comfortable than you’ve ever expected. Who knows, you might even put one of these on your lawn, or just go out on an European tour with one of these luxurious tents.

Glamping for Glampers


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