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Girard-Perregaux for Boucheron – Three Gold Bridges Tourbillon

By Adrian Prisca


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Swans have commonly been known as symbols of love for centuries, with their dedicated behavior and suggestive shape. The pair of swans, as a symbol, has now been immortalized as a tribute by the House of Boucheron in the form of the Cypris Tourbillion. It features three gold Bridges creations in two complementary figures: the Cypris Tourbillion White Plumage and the Cypris Tourbillion Black Plumage.

A superb spectacle of light and shades is offered by the colors that flow seamlessly, reflecting the shimmer of the wings. The Black Plumage consists of more than 1,380 stones, including black spinels, violet and blue sapphires. The White Plumage on the other hand comes endowed with 700 round diamonds and around 100 blue sapphires.

The beak of the Black Plumage is decked with coral and onyx, just like the White Plumage’s beak. The Three Gold Bridges Tourbillion features Girard-Perregaux Manufacture. Both timepieces come with three gold Bridges in white gold.

It’s quite impossible to see anything like these at other manufacturers, or so it seems. The unique idea being the design boasts a lot of meaning, of love and devotion. If money were also a proof of sentimentalism and devotion, than these would have had quite a huge value.

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