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Franky Zapata’s Hoverboard, for an Adrenaline-Filled Water Ride

By Brody Patterson


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French jet ski champion Franky Zapata is known for creating the Flyboard, a kind of water jetpack, a few years back. Now, the inventor/ adrenaline junkie has come up with a new extreme design – the Hoverboard.

No longer as innovative as the Flyboard may have seemed in 2011, the Hoverboard is nevertheless an awesome piece of equipment. What it is, basically, is a thrilling way of flying just above the water. The board features a hydro-jet, which shoots water out of the back propelling it forward at 23 miles per hour, as well as upward to a height of about 9 feet.

Although definitely not for everyone, if you like the sea, enjoy an occasional rush of adrenaline, and think that you can keep your balance, the Hoverboard might be just the new toy you need this summer.


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