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A Unique Haven in the Wilderness – The Desert House

By Brody Patterson


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The desert can be a great place to call home if you can make it comfortable and cool enough. It’s, by nature, a very secluded and peaceful place, while at the same time being remarkably beautiful. Taking advantage of all these positives, while also solving the problems inherent in living in the middle of the wilderness, The Desert House is a marvelous residence located in the Joshua Tree National Park, in California.

The house was designed back in 1988, with construction being completed in 1993. Possessing all the modern, high-end amenities of a luxurious mansion, the place is remarkable not only due to its setting, but also thanks to the way it blends into its surroundings. From afar, it almost seems like it’s just another weird rock formation, perhaps of a slightly different hue than its immediate neighbors. As you approach, however, you see the house in all its glory: a strong, protective shell, reminiscent of some of the creatures which call the desert home – organic architecture at its very finest.

Currently on the market, The Desert House is available for the price of $3 million.


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