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Fancy a stunning Middle Age Italian castle for €5,200,000 ?

Located in the Piazza Umberto I of the small Italian town of Tavoleto, which lies in the province of Pesaro/Urbino, in the Marche region of Italy, this castle offers majestic panoramic views of the sea to anyone brave enough and rich enough to purchase it.

Sitting only 20 km away from the beautiful Romagnola Riviera, this wonderful property is currently used for fashion shows, congress meetings, food/beverage tastings, ceremonies, exhibits, photo shootings, and lodging. The small state of San Marino, Mount Catria and Nerone are close by and an airport can be found at 25 km in Rimini.

Built  in the early 1300s by the Sigismondo Malatesta family, the Castle comes with a complex and interesting history. Sold back in 1960 to a private owner, it was transformed into a restaurant and thus it was restored to those era’s standards. The current owners purchased the Castle a couple of years ago and spent time and money remodeling the facade, its large halls, courtyards, and garden.

Floors were reconstructed and all plumbing and electrical outlets were also completely redone. Much of the material that was used came from the existing structure, while new materials were carefully selected in order to maintain the Castle’s history and styling. Offering tranquility and equilibrium, this stunning Italian Castle seems like a serene place worthy of attention and that kind of money. €5,200,000 once again!



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