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Eye-Catching Acte V Jewelry Collection by Louis Vuitton

By Brody Patterson


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Louis Vuitton’s new collection is as impressive as anything we’ve come to expect from the French high fashion house. Dubbed Acte V, it is the brand’s fifth jewelry collection and thus heavily features the V motif, which is both the Roman numeral and one of the company’s initials. The 20 piece collection is clearly inspired by the Art Deco style and comprises exquisite necklaces, earring, cuffs, and rings which will definitely delight customers everywhere.

The highlight of the series is perhaps the Genesis necklace. Fashioned from white gold, the piece features a triangular 87.92-carat Australian black opal surrounded by LV’s signature star-cut diamonds.

Another alluring item is the Metamorphosis necklace, featuring wonderful Panjshir emeralds and diamonds. There’s also the Apotheosis, with its glittering green and blue tones, as well as a series of beautiful rings and cuffs that will add a touch of glamour to the discerning lady wearing them.

You can check out the highlights of the Louis Vuitton Acte V jewelry collection, including the pieces described above, in the gallery below.


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