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Exclusive Lake Burton Residence

By Brian Pho


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There are two major problems in the world today – the lack and the excess of cash. Both of them are quite exhausting, first one raising the question “Will I eat today?” while the second one making you ask yourself “What should I eat tonight?”. And the same problem applies to real estate. Nevertheless, here’s another home for the rich, for the uber-rich to be more precise.

Located in Tiger, Georgia, on 50 Point Morgan Lane, this epitome of luxury living is now listed for sale for a pretty dazzling 7-digit number. This residence shares the same levels of luxury you’ll get inside big cities, although its rather tucked away in the wilderness, on the shore of Lake Burton.

Having been completed back in 2006, it sports a stunning docking area, a number of covered terraces, outdoor kitchen and a lot more facilities. It’s exquisite, luxurious and unlike anything we’ve ever seen – it has something special in it. Is it the way it puts the notion of luxury alongside nature? Probably, but one thing is certain – dear Lord the panoramas from this place are mind-bogglingly astonishing! And there’s something else – there’s this feeling of traditionalism, of rustic living, close to modern-day, state of the art amenities, furnishing and fittings. You might even call this place the epicenter of exquisite hand-manufacture and you won’t be wrong at all!

With living space covering 9,092 square feet and featuring 6 bedrooms, 7 full and 2 half bathrooms, the possibly most exclusive residence on the shores of Lake Burton can be yours in exchange for $7,995,000.


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