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Engagement Ring Shopping Just Got a Whole Lot Easier Thanks To ROSI

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Engagement ring shopping just got a whole lot easier, thanks to a new technological innovation called ROSI.

Today, many people shop for engagement rings online. Online engagement shopping has many benefits over visiting traditional retailers, like a much wider selection, better prices, and the ability to sort by style. But shopping for fine jewelry online can also be incredibly overwhelming— plus, it’s often very difficult to pick a diamond from the seemingly endless options online.

Enter ROSI. ROSI is a simple way of finding your engagement ring diamond (the creator of ROSI call her “the world’s first digital gemologist”). Essentially, ROSI is able to get a few pieces of information from you, then sort through thousands of diamond options and present you with the very best diamond for your specifications and budget. You choose your diamond shape, set your budget, and choose which diamond qualities are most important to you— then ROSI gets to work.

Through a combination of algorithm and AI-enhanced by IBM’s Watson, ROSI sorts through thousands of diamonds and shows you only the very best ones for you. Not only has this greatly simplified the diamond buying process, it’s also a great tool for making sure you get the best value for your budget.

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Also, because ROSI is located online, you’re likely to be able to skip the sales tax when buying a diamond selected by ROSI. Tax professional Eric Gomez from Vanguard Tax Relief says, “Online stores only need to collect sales tax for states they also physically do business in. So, often, making major purchases online can save you huge amounts of money, based on sales tax savings alone.”

Since the average amount spent on an engagement ring is currently $6,351, being able to skip paying sales tax can help you save big on your engagement ring.

ROSI is an incredible technological achievement that shows that the jewelry world is keeping up with one of retail’s biggest trends: using AI to improve their users’ shopping experience. Because of ROSI, engagement ring shoppers no longer have to wade through hundreds of confusing diamond options. Instead, they can let technology do the work and rest easy knowing they’re getting an incredible diamond at the best possible price.

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