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Eco-PERCH is a prefabricated luxury treehouse

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More and more people turn to “green” in many ways, from living to eating and driving. We welcome all these people and also let them know that life could not get closer to nature than living in a treetop house. Not to mention the already gorgeous Treehotel and House Arc in Sweden, there’s this Eco-Perch, one of the most exquisite treetop houses ever built.

The main concept of the eco-lodge was brought to life by the architectural firm Blue Forest, from the United Kingdom. They’ve kind of settled a standard in this field.

The main purpose of the Eco-Perch is to highlight the harmony between these kinds of homes and the natural surroundings, through natural and organic shapes. Another purpose of the builders was to continue the styling of the exterior inside the home, assorting the two.

Being able to be built on the ground or up in the trees, as its name already suggests, the Eco-Perch can accommodate four people and comes fitted with state-of-the-art kitchen and all the bathroom amenities one may need. The Director of Blue Forest, Simon Payne, declared Gizmag that “The Eco-Perch manages to feel contemporary whilst maintaining a natural woodland feel”. He added that “The bold curved shape is both striking and iconic…hopefully not something you would forget in a hurry!”

To sustain the principle of greenness, the house is heavily-insulated and can be constructed in five days. Boasting double-glazed windows, internal softwood doors, wall-mounted flat screen TV, thermostatically-controlled heating, sustainable construction materials, log burning stove, real wood engineering flooring, an A-rated LPG hot water heating-system, provision for grey water drainage and low voltage LED lighting, all these adding to its already huge dose of sustainability.

The home measures 6 meters in width (19.7 feet), 8 meters in length (26 feet) and three meters (9.8 feet) in height. The builders expect the home to last way longer than its initial 15-year reported life span. The exteriors feature groove timber cladding, FSC external tongue, outdoor deck, log storage space and so on.

The project can also be shaped in an off-the-grid hideaway. The energy generation is done by photovoltaic solar energy, while a few additional ecologic facts help highlighting its sustainability – rainwater harvesting system, a methanol fuel cell and a composing toilet.

A weird yet interesting thing about the small house is that it was predominantly destined to be sold to Country Hotels and Boutique Accommodation businesses. Its pure English aspect was realized in conformity with Caravan & Mobile Homes Act from UK. If you desire a home with the most minimum impact on the environment, the Eco-Perch is quite like what you want / need. Either you place it on your backyard and make it a holiday home, or up in the canopy, such a project will always be welcomed.

The Eco-Perch will be launched during May, between the 5th and 13th, at the ExCel London convention center, on the occasion of the Grand Designs Live. The price is actually dependable on customer’s mind, varying from £50,000 to £60,000 ($78,800 and $94,600).

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