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Dhara Wellness Centre by Alberto Apostoli in Italy

By Adrian Prisca


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If the notion of “Ayurveda” tells you something, than you will surely realize how this new resort looks like. Located within the Belfiore Park Hotel, near Lake Garda, on its Venetian side, in Italy, the wellness center was designed by Studio Alberto Apostoli. The Dhara Wellness Center stretches along an entire floor of the hotel.

Based on the very “principle of life”, the Ayurveda style was first launched as a Sanskrit term. This project is meant to create a connection and a balance between the classical elements that form the Spa, through materials, forms, lights, colors and studying spaces.

The whole complex comes alive due to the superbly highlighted construction details and materials especially made for this Spa. The designers took advantage of the location of the resort, of the natural spring that they uncovered while building the Spa and of the local materials.

There is a large olive-tree inside the resort that was put here during construction. A unique characteristic is that the horizontally disposed elements made of bamboo stretch along the long floor that leads to the Spa. There’s also a socializing room, being painted in a very contemporary style with modern furniture.

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