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2011 Mercedes-Benz Christmas Gifts Collection

By Adrian Prisca


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Are you the type of guy/girl that sees a gift in everything around him/her and can’t decide what to buy as a gift for the loved ones? We may have an answer here, considering that the holiday season is approaching fast and the time for buying gifts is passing rapidly. Mercedes-Benz has revealed the 2011 Christmas Collection for anyone who loves the brand and wants a cool gift from them.

It’s time to put some money aside and start deciding on which to spend them. The brand offers a wide variety of gifts, from high-quality ball-point pens with the Mercedes star on top to leather and diamond-stitched organizers, Olymp totally hand-made silk ties and up to an extremely elegant Italian calf skin men’s wallet.

Their gift-list also includes watches decorated with Swarovski crystals, for both men and women, while for the lower-aged family members, between 3-5 years, there are pedal cars with the famous SL signatures, or SLS AMG Bobby Benz and up to the 300 SL Mercedes-Benz.

This high-luxury brand can cover almost all the gift-market; they can even craft espresso cups or pointless Christmas toys and decorations. Plus, if you want something more extravagant, you may perhaps buy your closest one a car. These are usually the top-gifts.


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