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Dartz Unveils the Prombrom Black Shark Luxury Armored Vehicle

By Brody Patterson


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Dartz Motorz is a Latvian company which has been supplying “tzars, admirals, generals, and dictators” with high-end armored vehicles since 1869.

Their newest release is the Prombron Black Shark, a vehicle straight from Batman’s arsenal. The Black Shark is virtually invulnerable thanks to features such a Kevlar-titanium body, a retina scanner, a fingerprint recognition, in-built cameras, special sirens and lights, and disappearing door handles with electric shock “anti-paparazzi” device, while its armor rating is B7, the highest possible according to CEN ballistic standards.

This amazing machine is based on the Mercedes-Benz GL and comes with the luxury SUV’s driver assistance package, as well as a champagne holder, Xbox One, PS4 and LTE hotspot. And since we’re talking about its more “mundane” characteristics, we should also note the motorization options. The Prombron Black Shark is available with either a modified twin-turbo 5.5-liter V8 or an upgraded twin-turbo 6.0-liter V12 (both from Mercedes-Benz), with the possibility of increasing the output of the latter to an incredible 1,500 bhp (1,119 kW).

Dartz will only produce five of these awesome luxury armored vehicles, which will presumably find their way to billionaires and supervillains around the world.



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