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Limited Edition Noir Premier Fragrance Collection by Lalique

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Lalique is a prestigious brand specializing in the manufacturing of high-quality, beautiful glassware. Sometimes, as seen here, the company is responsible for not only the vessel, but also for the perfume that fills it – and the result is usually very impressive.

The new collection is comprised of five exceptional fragrances, in addition to one exclusive edition for Harrods, all bearing names evoking the brand’s celebrated heritage. These perfumes are Fleur Universelle (1900), Terres Aromatiques (1905), Rose Royale (1935), Sculpteur d’ Epices (created for Harrods in 1945), Fruits du Mouvement (1977), and Elegance Animale (1989) – and while they do indeed remind of Lalique’s heritage, they also exude a contemporary vibe.

The collection’s presentation is gorgeous – you wouldn’t expect anything less from Lalique. The bottles are shaped like the Roman numeral “I” (1, one) and feature the name of the fragrance written in gold on their left side. Other adornments include the wings motif engraved on the transparent glass edges and the “swallows” emblem on the cap. Furthermore, every bottle comes in an exquisite black lacquer coffret, lined with imitation suede and shielded by a black cardboard overbox, which is then sheathed in a black and gold sleeve circled with a band presenting the name of the fragrance in the collection’s familiar gold.

Lalique’s Noir Premier Perfume Collection is available exclusively at Harrods Salon de Parfum. Each 100 ml bottle is priced at £180 ($290).

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