Damiani’s Butterfly Masterpiece collection

What we have here is Damiani’s newest jewelry collection, inspired by the light and the delicate fluttering of butterflies and called the Butterfly Masterpiece collection. The collection revolves around white gold butterflies, adorned with multi-coloured sapphires and diamonds that will surely make an impression anywhere you’d go.

These butterflies come in three different sizes and can be worn in more ways than one as well: as a pendant, a brooch or beautifully set on a ring. The awesome color combinations and interchangeability of butterflies will show off your playful side and it also underlines Damiani’s brilliance.

For example, the necklace from the Butterfly Masterpiece collection comes with two detachable butterflies that can be used, as we’ve said earlier, as a brooch or a pendant as well. The collection was designed with extremely high attention to detail and customers could get any combinations they want, even the chains colored in same colors as the butterflies.